Curacao Wedding

wow….it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I can’t even begin to post all the sessions but I just have to share some of what’s been going on. I’ve been excited to post this wedding since I was hired to do it last year. Kelley and Henderik are beyond awesome people. They are so nice and fun – and their friends and family are nice and fun (from the Netherlands and the US)- and being a part of this wedding was just such a great experience. It was in Curacao – the island by Aruba and Bonaire, and well, you can see – was beautiful. Add in two beautiful people in love and it’s not shabby having my job 🙂 Kelley and Henderik – thank you both!

Many thanks to my amazing assistant (and amazing husband) Daniel – you were a lifesaver!

Kelley's sister also does hair and makeup- a very good job of it too!

These sweet little nieces had a great time all weekend, even though they don't speak English, made friends with everyone. One guest commented that he had never seen real life cherubs before, ha! so true, they are little angles.


The flowers and plants around the resort were cool…

I love this picture!

Although confused when putting on the tie – looking good all put together. Great suit, great tie, good looking guy – I think these look like suit ads!

The girls walking down to the ceremony, check out the little ones’ shoes!

I think he was a little nervous 🙂

Trying to get the girls to walk down the aisle, they needed a little direction.

I just think she is so pretty, such a gorgeous bride.

Apparently Henderik thought so too. I love getting the look on the guys face when he sees his bride for the first time. It doesn’t always happen, and it’s not the best quality pic, but I don’t care, sometimes it’s about capturing a moment.

Just love. All over the place. So cool.

How cute is this? I love her little smile and him just watching her. In the middle of their ceremony with everything going on. I think maybe this should be my new banner for this blog…

More awesomeness between the two of them.

Check out the guests – those are his parents on the front row, I think they are happy for the new couple 🙂

And yes, kissing again, but I like this picture so you get to see them making out some more. haha.

And again. They weren’t making out the entire time I promise, but I think this just looks like a final pic. Like the back of an album even.

And we’re done – love it guys! Y’all are awesome. Congrats!


We were a little worried the morning of Yael’s shoot as the weather was gloomy and misty, but the rain held off and we had a great shoot – totally wearing out their 2 year old and me! Problem with shooting in a big open field – lots and lots and lots of room to just run run run, but so fun and worth it when the pics come out!

This first pic, I’m 110% crazy about.

I love her sailor shirt, a fun addition to the pics. Gabe is testing out the belly, and not so sure yet…

We tried and tried and tried to get Gabe to settle in for a pic but he was just not having it. But I love this more than any posed pic anyday.

We also got some more ‘serious’ pics… with a little edge I like to think.

This was a great session 🙂 Thanks guys!

Baby on the way!

I had a session with Lindsey a couple of weeks ago and just loved how some of these turned out. She is like the tiniest little pregnant girl ever – such a cute little belly and she’s due in less than a month when these pics were taken!

I love the simplicity and casual/fun feel of these.

Rocco is going to be a big brother… we’ll see how that goes 🙂 Some of their friends are also expecting their first and have a dog as well. The mom-to-be said “What do we do if the dog and baby don’t get along?” and the husband responded, “Well, we can’t return the baby”. Ha, husband rationale.

Both of these, so simple and so cute.

I love the red shirt! And yes, these are her regular jeans. Of course she can’t button them, but she can put them on! I’m impressed 🙂

I really love this shot, it shows their totally fun personalities. I like that they were up for some joking around – makes the session fun and the shots more personal.

Temporary parents

We had our nephew Will for Saturday and Sunday. It was so much fun hanging out with him! But we for sure enjoyed our quiet house after we dropped him off.

We took him to the park and wore him out! Then he crashed in the car on the way to the next stop, the bar. We used YouTube on the iPhone and monica’s earbuds to entertain him, he did very well. Then he crashed again in the car.

We all slept over 11 hours Saturday night, great weekend. Pics taken on our iPhones.

This Houston group has the cutest variety of doggies. On my last session with them for the season, I captured some cute and funny moments of these pups. It’s amazing how much personality these dogs have!

I love the rough and tough Hercules, with a tough guy rope leash, and a LV collar!

And here he is all acting all sweet and cuddly with Karoo, quite the ladies man!

I love this, little bitty Cuqui intimidating big ol’ Cash, too funny!

And you can’t – you seriously can’t tell me, that dogs don’t smile. I LOVE it!

I’m really looking forward to my upcoming session with Max and Heather! Not sure exactly when, but should be in the next few weeks. Then I have some more two-legged shoots to get back to. Maybe the dog toys will work on the kiddos, I don’t see why not…. 🙂


How cute is this? USAFit has started a group called FidoFit. Just like other USAFit programs, members sign up, workout Saturday mornings together training for a common race. But this time, you get to bring your dog with you! They train for the Mutt Strutt.

I’ve visited the Houston and Katy groups and there are just some adorable and fun loving pets in this group. I’m really growing a love for taking pics of these animals. Here are a few of my favorites.

Check it out he’s smiling!! Dogs love exercise 🙂


These kids were so much to play with at the park. Colton was loving it right from the start and hamming up the photos. Peyton was a little shy at the beginning, but slowly started throwing some attitude in. I love how these shots show how fun the kids are, instead a posed image.

Check out that eyebrow and LOVE the ponytail 🙂

The swing was what finally got her laughing…

I just love the shoes up close and the red in the swing

Did I mention he was a ham? Luckily, not only did he make funny faces, but an adorable “portrait” smile too. But how funny is it that you can see the spit? haha, love it!

New Years at the Farm

Nothing says ‘family’ like a group shot on the tractor!

Even though it’s mostly brown – there was still some fun colors and light.

Maggie was in a little slice of heaven all weekend.

Finally slowed down enough to enjoy a little nap.

Green with Envy

Seriously, the Greens are so cute and fun and laid back – their house was perfectly cool 🙂 I don’t know if you’ll ever be able to walk into my house and it be decorated simply nice, and it be clean but lived in. I don’t know how people do it! I’m sure my husband would have it that way if it were just him, but alas, the hurricane that is me lives here and I’m not going anywhere!

But at any rate, it was fun to spend the afternoon playing with Ashlyn and her showing me all of her toys. SHE’S even perfectly cool! Cute as all get-out and loves to play tomboy style but loves her glam and princess get-ups too. I love so many shots from this shoot, there are a few more to check out  here.

Hot Doggin’ it…

It’s not just the slogan of my favorite fast food restaurant anymore (yes, favorite… do I need to prove it by telling you I ate there the night we got engaged…b/c I wanted to!?) Anyways, I’ve been putting it off and putting it off… but people kept telling me I had to try shooting an animal. Heidi is kind of an irresistible subject and was a perfect first session!

Mary and John are great parents to Heidi and it’s totally fun to watch them interact with Heidi Girl (because “she’s not a dog” – just ask John).

View some more pics here.